Home-Based Childcare Workshops

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Course Only + Ofsted Webinar


Workshop Overview

In this support workshop we aim to work alongside those individuals who have previous experience working with young children and are now considering a career in Childminding.

During our workshops we intend to build your confidence in building a Childminding provision, supporting you with how Childminding works and how to prepare for the Ofsted Registration Visit.

Does this sound like you?

For just £50 you will attend two workshops looking at the following:

Part 1

Part 1 will support your confidence in The Early Years Foundation Stage.

During this 2 hour workshop, you will you learn...

The structure of an Ofsted Registration visit - helping you to plan and prepare for this

Reviewing documentation, Examining the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

How to plan for children's Learning and Development

Frequently Asked Questions at a Registration Visit

Part 2

Part 2 will support your confidence in planning for a successful Ofsted Registration Visit.

It is delivered in under 2 hours and covers the following:

Children’s learning and development

Regulations and rules about Home-Based childcare

Safeguarding, Child Protection, Well-Being and Health and Safety

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Partnership Working, Observations and Assessments

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