Life-long learning and Apprenticeships are at the heart of everything we do

If you are looking to further your career in childcare and want training and support that is comprehensive, convenient and constantly keeping up with new industry standards and legislation, then you need look no further!

What We Do

Our cutting-edge online learning programme provides unparalleled quality and flexibility. With passion, experience and dedication we have raised standards in training, nationally and beyond.

We provide online learning with full Tutor support, meaning you can access your teaching and learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be guided by one of our expert Tutors from the moment you start your course.

Funding is available for those who are eligible. You can read further details of the funding we may be able to secure for you here. When we receive your application, our enrollment team will talk you through any possible funding options in more detail.

If you are looking to further your career in childcare and want training and support that is comprehensive, convenient and constantly keeping up with new industry standards and legislation, then you need look no further!

Online Training

Smart Assessor is an electronic collection of a learner’s skills and knowledge, which is assessed by their tutor against a training standard or qualification and replaces paper portfolios. Perfect for apprentices, work based learners, classroom students and anyone undertaking training, as you can replace paper evidence with videos, photos and voice recordings as evidence of competence and the portfolio is always available, both offline and securely on the web. Assessors and tutors can track learner progress dynamically to achieve timely completions.

The teaching and learning resources are made up of tutorials, videos, good practice examples, presentations, multimedia activities, activity sheets and reading. Everything you need for your course is in one place and you can upload your work to your online portfolio to be marked by your Tutor.

Your Tutor will be in contact with you every week and in most cases the contact time with your Tutor is greater than going to college. It means you have one-to-one learning sessions with your Tutor, rather than having to share your time with a class full of others.

Why Choose The Childcare Company?

The Childcare Company team have extensive experience in running independent day schools and nurseries, and the company Directors opened one of the very first free schools in 2011. The writers of our learning resources frequently write for trade press on education issues and have also advised Government on specific issues.

Course content incorporates the EYFS and is updated as necessary in line with any changes.

We are a green company; we care about making our children’s planet a viable and beautiful place. We pursue paper-free alternatives from our industry partners, such as awarding body CACHE.

The Childcare Company works closely with large nursery chains, private training providers, local authorities and government funding bodies all over the country.


Our technological vision is cutting -edge, both within the childcare industry and in the wider online education sector. We intend to lead childcare training into a new era by incorporating Web 2.0 principles into our virtual learning environment (VLE); in doing so we will equip our learners with the necessary skills to become lifelong, independent learners.


We can help you to comply with your obligations to offer a range of childcare training methods. For some learners, college or Saturday classes are just not an option. Accessing learning from home is the only practical solution. Many learners have expressed to us a desire to embark upon a training programme that is individualised to their needs and that takes into account their preferred learning styles. We work closely with every learner to ensure that we are providing training that suits their needs.

Our Values


We always put the needs of the learner first


Everyone matters. We treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity


Transparent. We always work in an open and transparent manner


Encouraging and valuing our diverse range of learners and employers


Accountable for the content of our training, and responsible for ensuring that it is consistently reviewed


Committed to providing an outstanding learning experience


High quality training that is consistently updated in line with national guidelines and protocols

What Ofsted say about us