Adult Education Budget (AEB)

Utilising AEB funding to improve your workforce



The Adult Education Budget (AEB) provides individuals aged 19 and above with the skills and learning required to progress, be that in the workplace or in to further education such as an apprenticeship.

Employers can also utilise AEB to improve or refresh the skills of their current workforce, and learners can benefit from AEB training to gain new skills, improve progression opportunities or support a career change.

What can be funded?

Below is an outline of what can be delivered through AEB funding, dependent on the learner's age and location.

Maths and English

Up to and including level 2

Essential digital skills

Up to and including level 1

First full level 2 vocational qualification

Maths and English

Up to and including level 2

Essential digital skills

Up to and including level 1

The pathways

We can offer AEB funding for qualifications in the following sectors:


Adult Care

Business Skills

Health and Social Care

Leadership and Management

The benefits

Upskill your employees

Improve the skill set of your existing staff by using this free opportunity, and allow them to fulfil their potential.

Fully funded

We are delighted to be able to offer you and your workforce this fantastic opportunity with zero cost to your business.

Increase staff retention

Happy employers, and happy employees. You can increase your staff retention rate by offering your workforce the opportunity to develop their careers.

Increase employer brand

Employers that offer their staff the chance to grow, develop or refine their skills is likely to be viewed as an employer of choice

Skilled future workforce

Protect the longevity of your workforce, and develop skilled workers for the future.

The location

Please check the map below for a guide on which locations we do, and do not provide AEB funding for. If your area is highlighted in pink, please contact us as we may still be able to help.

Location is based on a learner's home postcode, not the workplace postcode.

It looks like funding isn't available in your area at the moment; however we do have alternate funding methods available.

Get in touch with us today, and one of our team will be able to talk you through this!
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