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Change lives in the childcare sector

£1000 GRANT

How does it work?

Our six-week traineeship programmes provide you with an alternative talent attraction model, introducing new employees to your organisation and enabling you to shape them to your business requirements.

The traineeships are fully funded by the Government!

Understanding that sourcing new staff members is a continual challenge faced in early years settings, our childcare traineeship introduces a new recruitment avenue to your organisations.

As the perfect gateway to a successful apprenticeship and as an accredited replacement to a trial shift, our childcare traineeship boosts your entry level staff quota.

This childcare traineeship will enable you to build your workforce with the confidence that you have chosen a candidate with the right attitude, values and basic knowledge so that they are an asset to your team, while simultaneously providing a young person with an opportunity to begin a long and rewarding career in your sector.

What's more, you could claim £1,000 per trainee for offering a six-week work placement and interview!

What do we need from you?

A safe and meaningful work experience placement

A minimum of 70 hours which we will embed into the programme delivery

A guaranteed interview for employment or an apprenticeship

Where a trainee is not suitable for your business there is no obligation to offer the trainee employment, although you are required to provide them with an exit interview, a reference and career feedback.

Why us?

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Other pathways

We also offer traineeship opportunities in the following sectors!


Business Fundamentals

IT & Digital

Recruit today and change lives

If you'd like to expand your workforce and take advantage of these fantastic government incentives, utilise our complimentary apprentice recruitment service where we will source, pre-screen and qualify candidates on your behalf regardless of seniority.

Please complete the form below and start recruiting today. Alternatively, you can contact our Apprentice Recruitment team by calling 01753 596 004 or by email.

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